Turn-Key Modular Systems offers Customized Process Systems that are engineered, manufactured and tested in our facility to provide a “speed to market” advantage for our clients. Each system is designed to meet or exceed the regularity conditions that govern the Life science, Food and Cosmetic industries including cGMP requirements for compliance agencies such as the FDA, as well as the evolving BPE standards.

Because the systems are fabricated in a factory environment we manage and control the quality of manufacturing by utilizing our experienced craftsmen. We ensure that a safe workplace is maintained where we meet our client’s expectations for schedule and cost. Once manufacturing has been completed, we test the systems using FAT protocols developed to help save valuable site validation and site installation time and cost. Our experience in dealing with the logistics of both small and large modular systems help us transport them to your construction site in a safe and timely manner.

Whether you have a small project or a green field site, we can assist you to develop a cost effective modular approach, positively impacting your schedule.

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